White House Scrambling Over Child Worker Issue

White House Scrambling Over Child Worker Issue

(RightWing.org) – The Biden administration is being forced to face the consequences of its open border policies after a surge in illegal child labor. The White House has admitted the number of child workers in the US has jumped by almost 70%. Now it’s desperately scrambling for a solution.

On February 27, the Department of Labor issued a statement about the problem of illegal child labor. It said the number of children illegally employed by US companies has increased by 69%. In the 2022 fiscal year, the department found almost 4,000 children illegally working for hundreds of companies.

Now, officials are looking for a solution. The easy option is to increase the punishment for illegally hiring kids. Right now, the maximum penalty is a $15,138 fine, which the department says is “not high enough to be a deterrent.” If businesses can save more than $15,138 by hiring an immigrant child instead of an American worker, this low penalty makes it a risk worth taking. Now the Labor Department wants Congress to raise the penalty.

The Labor Department is also setting up a new task force to “improve information sharing among agencies,” and plans to spend more on its enforcement agencies. It’s creating training material to teach unaccompanied children about US labor laws. The statement also says that “Under the Biden-Harris Administration,” it’s increased its capacity to “provide post-release services” to unaccompanied children and their sponsors in the US.

What nobody is mentioning is why so many unaccompanied children are working illegally in this country — it’s because security at our southern border has collapsed under the Biden Administration. In 2022, about 130,000 unaccompanied minors were processed at the border. With so many of them entering the country, it’s easy — and tempting — for unscrupulous businesses to hire them. That hurts everyone, from American workers to the children who should be at home with their parents in their own countries.

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