White House Refuses to Back Down On False Claims About Kyle Rittenhouse

White House Refuses to Back Down on False Claims About Kyle Rittenhouse

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden, much like his former boss Barack Obama, has a bad habit of defaming people before all the facts are collected. In April, the president called Georgia Republicans racists without informing himself of the details of new state reform election laws. Recently, he determined, without all the facts, that Kyle Rittenhouse is a dangerous white supremacist. Why is the president making such bold declarations about the teenager’s character?

On Tuesday, November 23, the media asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki if the president would apologize to Rittenhouse for his comments after a jury acquitted him of the charges the previous Friday. Being the public relations professional that Psaki is, she refused to back down and directly answer the question. Somehow, she ended up blaming former President Donald Trump for the fiasco.

Psaki Spews More Misinformation

For an administration that says it’s intent on holding people accountable for misinformation, it spews a lot of it. Psaki stated that Biden was talking about a campaign Twitter video released in 2020 where the Biden campaign manipulated Trump’s words to make it appear as though he wouldn’t condemn white supremacists and militia groups. Included in the video is footage of Rittenhouse.

On February 11, 2020, FactCheck.org refuted any claims to the contrary and showed that at least twice the former president specifically condemned racism, white supremacy, and neo-Nazis.

Nonetheless, Psaki continued with the misinformation campaign to draw attention away from Biden’s allegation against Rittenhouse. She added that Trump allegedly encouraged militia groups throughout his presidency. In contrast, Psaki said Biden strongly condemned hatred, division, and violence. Again, that’s more misinformation. In 2020, he refused to condemn violent riots for quite some time before he finally did.

When pressed further, Psaki said the president spoke for himself when he said he was angry and concerned that justice was not served. Then, she defamed Rittenhouse by suggesting the young man hung out with Proud Boys and made the “OK” hand gesture, doubling down on the allegation he’s a white supremacist.

Could Rittenhouse Sue?

On Monday, the poised young man looked into a camera and asked Biden if he even watched the trial, because he apparently doesn’t know the facts. On Tuesday, the young man shot back at Psaki about her comment. He claimed the photo was a setup by a former trial attorney that he fired for putting him in bad situations with people he disagreed with.

Additionally, like many people, Rittenhouse said he didn’t know the OK hand sign symbolized white supremacy or that those in the picture were Proud Boys. He said he thought they were construction guys.

So, are Biden and Psaki taking advantage of a naive young person who doesn’t have their political swagger or woke beliefs?

It appears that could be the case. Rittenhouse added that Biden defamed his character with malice when he tweeted that the young man was a white supremacist. Now, there is talk that Rittenhouse could sue Biden, the administration, and the federal government for its actions. They aren’t alone. The media could also be a target for a lawsuit.

Stay tuned. This story is just getting started.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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