White House Preparing To Shake Up Press Talent

White House Preparing To Shake Up Press Talent

White House SHAKEUP Incoming – A Big Replacement.

(RightWing.org) – The art of deflection, or distraction, is often the final refuge of an individual incapable of offering an adequate response to a situation. Perhaps more crafty is a tendency by some to mutate the practice into denial, which tends to make unaddressed issues worsen through neglect. A perfect case in point is the White House’s recent move to shake up its press talent in order to address President Joe Biden’s waning support.

One of Biden’s key advisors is reportedly interviewing possible candidates to replace Kate Bedingfield as White House communication director. In addition, Karine Jean-Pierre recently replaced Jen Psaki as Biden’s press secretary, and other replacements to the White House press shop could be looming on the not-so-distant horizon.

On Wednesday, July 20, The Washington Times published an exposé detailing ongoing efforts by White House staff to overhaul its communications department in light of Biden’s tumbling approval ratings and their possible impact on the upcoming midterm elections.

Similarly, The Washington Times reported the effort to revamp the White House’s press team is “designed” to prepare for a potential Republican sweep in November. Republicans have been outspoken about their intention to launch investigations into various controversies like allegations of voter fraud and ballot tampering in the 2020 presidential campaign.

Republican lawmakers have also indicated an interest in investigating the origins of the Trump/Russia hoax and the sham January 6 Select Committee investigation and its associated media blitz.

Do you think a staffing shake-up can salvage Biden’s presidency and the Democrat’s efforts to retain control of the House and Senate?

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