White House Official Flagged by Watchdog Group

White House Official Flagged by Watchdog Group

(RightWing.org) – The Justice Department (DOJ) has some difficult questions to answer. A watchdog group revealed that a top government lawyer represented her former boss, a violation of ethics rules.

On January 5, monitoring group Protect the Public’s Trust filed a freedom of information request against the DOJ. The group wants to know why Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar was allowed to file a legal brief with the Supreme Court, asking the justices to reject a racial discrimination lawsuit against Harvard University.

Prelogar is a former employee of Harvard and has an obvious conflict of interest, which is why the Biden administration’s ethics pledge bars her from acting on Harvard’s behalf. Instead, she was granted a waiver. Now, Protect The Public’s Trust wants to know why.

The Harvard case is an awkward one for the Biden administration. Biden claims he opposes racial discrimination, but Harvard was caught discriminating against Asian applicants, and the White House is trying to protect them from legal action. It’s unclear why they’re doing that, and even less clear why Prelogar was given a waiver to intervene on behalf of her former employer.

If Biden’s ethics pledge can be set aside so easily, what’s the point of it? How many other ethics violations are being allowed just because they happen to line up with Biden’s progressive agenda?

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