White House Official Accuses Democrats Of Politicizing Police Reform

White House Official Confirms Democrats Are Politicizing Police Reform

(RightWing.org) – The Democratic Party and its voters have been screaming that police departments should be defunded. Their calls came after the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of four city officers. Republicans, on the other hand, acknowledge procedural changes must be made, but do not think reducing funding for already cash-strapped agencies is a good idea. Instead, they want to pass comprehensive reform. Deputy Assistant to the President Ja’Ron Smith says the Left isn’t allowing that to happen.

On July 14, Smith gave an interview to Fox News’ “American Newsroom” and accused the Democratic Party of “playing politics” with police reform. When Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) brought a bill forward, the Left killed it on procedural grounds in the Senate instead of “getting the work done,” according to the president’s deputy assistant.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. The Left has frequently obstructed the work of President Trump and Republican lawmakers. Just this year they repeatedly blocked coronavirus stimulus packages that were needed to help the American people.

According to Smith, the Democrat political games aren’t going to dissuade the administration though, and they are going to continue to work on police reform. Hopefully, the Dems realize they have a job to do and help as well.

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