White House Intervenes to Clean Up Biden’s Mess of a Press Conference

White House Intervenes to Clean Up Biden's Mess of a Press Conference

(RightWing.org) – President Joe Biden concluded his first year in office earlier this week. However, with COVID-19 infections spiking, the economy tanking, and the upcoming midterm elections looming, there wasn’t much cause for celebration from the White House. Instead, they attempted to rebrand his failed presidency with a press conference, an effort that only added fuel to the fire of discontent surrounding Biden’s unsuitability to hold public office.

Biden began his January 19 press conference innocently enough. He rambled for a few minutes about his so-called accomplishments. He droned on about his plans to end the COVID-19 pandemic, resolve the supply shortages exploding interest rates, and address infrastructure issues.

However, things quickly went south when he addressed mounting concerns about possible Russian military aggression against Ukraine. In a stunning maneuver, Biden basically green-lighted an invasion as long as it involved a “minor incursion” by the Russian military.

True to form, he followed up by stumbling over his words, telling reporters the situation would be a disaster for Russia “if they further … invade Ukraine.”

As one might expect, White House officials have spent the last few days attempting to intervene and clean up Biden’s disastrous remarks. For instance, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t waste any time trying to explain away his comments. She issued a statement later that day, claiming Russian military forces would meet a “swift, severe, and united response” from the United States and its allies.

Other administration officials have scurried about the last few days attempting to undo the unprecedented remarks by Biden. However, his words cannot be unsaid.

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