White House Furious After News Coverage of Biden’s Agenda Starts Waning

White House Furious After News Coverage of Biden's Agenda Starts Waning

(RightWing.org) – The Biden administration loved the media as long as journalists could be relied on to push his party line. Now, as the president’s weaknesses become too obvious to ignore, the automatic deference he used to get from reporters is slipping. And, the White House is having a tantrum.

Over the last couple of weeks, many Americans have begun questioning why the administration is pushing for extended mask mandates, restrictions on movement, and even vaccine passports. If the COVID vaccines are effective and so many Americans have already had them, those measures shouldn’t be needed. Now, the media has started asking those questions too, and the White House is outraged that reporters would dare to question it.

On July 30, White House communications officer Ben Wakana sent a tweet that called The Washington Post – one of the pillars of the liberal press – “completely irresponsible.”

Wakana’s outburst is far from the only sign of the Biden team’s growing frustration at journalists who don’t blindly report what the government says. In a blatant attack on free speech, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has admitted to asking social media platforms to delete “problematic” posts. Officials have openly said news platforms should be “called out” if they’re critical of a policy.

The problem is, all the media outlets are doing is reporting the truth. The Biden administration doesn’t think we can handle the truth, or use it to make rational decisions. They want to give us orders to obey and think the media’s job is to pass those orders on. That’s not how things work in America.

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