White House and State Department Deliver Stern Warning to Iran Over the Production of Illegal Weapons

White House Delivers Stern Warning to Iran Over the Production of Illegal Weapons

(RightWing.org) – Iran is one of the US’ biggest national security concerns. The Middle Eastern country wants nothing more than to develop nuclear weapons, but we’ve managed to stop them. Now, the State Department is issuing a blunt warning about the country potentially buying other weapons, as well.

According to Yahoo News, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo put our foe on notice this week: If the country starts acquiring weapons, the US will act. And our military will do it in a way that “protects” America. 

Pompeo’s statement of strength comes just days after Iran fired missiles at a replica US aircraft carrier in a threat to America.

Iran Will Be Punished

China and Russia allegedly want to start selling conventional weapons to Iran when the original embargo is set to end on October 18. The date was agreed upon in 2015 when the United Nations (UN) put the ban in place.

Pompeo, however, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee the Trump Administration is introducing a UN resolution to extend the embargo and keep the weapons out of our adversary’s arsenal. He explained that if the other Permanent Five members of the UN Security Council do not approve the motion, “we’re going to take the action” needed to make sure the “embargo does not expire.”

The secretary then said if it does expire, allowing Iran to acquire weapons, the US will use its authority and “execute snapback.” That would force the sanctions back into place.

The Trump Administration has made it clear in the past that they will do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from receiving weapons. If that means using all of the legal authority granted to them by the UN, so be it. As long as that means our allies and country are safe from Iranian aggression, it’ll be worth it.

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