White House Blasts Mueller After Stone Op-Ed

White House Blasts Mueller After Stone Op-Ed

(RightWing.org) – The White House has hit back at former special counsel Robert Mueller. The lawyer wrote an op-ed criticizing President Trump’s intervention in the Roger Stone case. The president commuted Stone’s jail sentence on Friday, days before the former political adviser was due to report to prison.

Stone had been a target of Mueller’s politically-motivated investigation of Russian collusion allegations, and although those allegations collapsed under examination, Stone was convicted anyway on a pile of scraped-together charges.

Mueller broke his silence with an op-ed in Saturday’s Washington Post, in which he defended the decision to prosecute Stone and called him a “convicted felon.” White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere blasted Mueller and “his corrupt investigation,” saying that the whole process had “wasted taxpayer dollars trying to undo an election.” Deere also noted that despite the alleged aims of the investigation, none of the charges against Stone involved collusion with Russia, because there was no evidence.


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