White House Backs New Lockdowns

White House Backs New Lockdowns

(RightWing.org) – Over the last few months, Americans have been enjoying a steady relaxation of COVID-19 lockdowns as the vaccine rollout ramps up. Now, the White House wants to throw us all back into solitary confinement – and their reasons don’t make any sense.

On July 6, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked if the Biden administration backed states that choose to reimpose the restrictions they’ve spent several weeks lifting. Psaki replied that the president will “support their decisions” if they clamp down on freedom again.

Officially, the justification for the renewed crackdown is the rise of the so-called Delta variant, which spreads more easily than earlier forms of COVID-19 and is more resistant to vaccines.

However, research from the UK – which has studied the Delta variant more than any other country – shows that, while Delta has a better chance of infecting vaccinated people, it’s very unlikely to make them seriously ill; the vaccine doesn’t protect perfectly against infection, but research shows it can be very effective at preventing hospitalization. So, why the enthusiasm for devastating our economy yet again?

COVID-19 is here to stay; we’re never going to eliminate it from the planet. We need to learn to live with it, and the vaccine program launched by former President Donald Trump lets us do that. This is no time to let fear force us back into isolation.

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