Whistleblower Attorney “Called For Coup”

Whistleblower Attorney

The campaign to impeach President Trump is desperately raking up every scrap of evidence it can find, but right now it mostly hinges on the testimony of a “whistleblower.” This person allegedly has second-hand knowledge of something the president might have said in a phone call the “whistleblower” didn’t actually hear. Their credibility seems pretty thin already and it developed a few more holes this week when it emerged that they’re linked to Joe Biden.

Now, just to put the cherry on top, the whistleblower’s attorney turns out to be a fanatic who’s been ranting against President Trump since the inauguration nearly three years ago.


There’s increasing anger among conservatives at the open political bias of the impeachment process — and it just got worse. Mark Zaid, the attorney for the intelligence community “whistleblower” whose hearsay evidence is key to the case against the president, has now been revealed as a rabid opponent of the president.

  • Zair has recently purged his Twitter account — but it’s impossible to totally bury traces of online activity. Since he became publicly linked with the impeachment case, Zair has come under media scrutiny — and some disturbing things have emerged.
  • It’s very obvious that Zair has a deep and personal loathing of President Trump. Within days of the president’s inauguration, the lawyer began a string of furious tweets expressing just how he felt.
  • In January 2017, Zair tweeted that “a coup has started” against President Trump. He clearly welcomed the idea of a coup against the democratically elected leader of our government.
  • Zair went on in the same vein, tweeting that “impeachment will follow ultimately.” This shows that, right from the beginning of the Trump administration, Zair was obsessed with the idea of removing him from office without the democratic inconvenience of an election.
  • Over the next several months, Zair continued to rant against the president, claiming that “@CNN will play a key role in @realDonaldTrump not finishing out his full term as president.”
  • Months turned into years, though, and Donald Trump is still president. With a year left until the next election, Democrat attempts to unseat the president through the legal process are becoming desperate. They don’t want to face him at the ballot box again, so time is running short.
  • And now up pops a lawyer who hates the president, with a “whistleblower” — who used to work for the leading Democrat candidate — in tow. Republicans aren’t the only ones starting to think this is all very suspicious.

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