What’s Behind the Media’s COVID-19 Death Craze?

What's Behind the Media's COVID-19 Death Craze?

(RightWing.org) – The media is on a roll; in some cases, it’s a hyperbolic tirade. Ever since Donald Trump announced he was running in 2015, they mocked, belittled, and even attempted to help Hillary Clinton seal the election by airing negative coverage of him — it has been non-stop. When Trump took office in 2017, their efforts only intensified. All COVID-19 did was create another path for the media to attack the president.

Since April, President Trump has asked Americans to do what we’ve always done: take a risk and live our lives. The president said that he took the risk “with” America in a video released after returning from Walter Reed hospital on Monday evening, October 5. As a result of that risk, he contracted COVID-19.

Life Is Full of Risks

Life is full of risks. Every day, approximately 3,500 people die in car accidents. That’s 1.35 million people per year. As of October 5, the CDC reported that 209,199 people have died from COVID-19 since January. That’s well below the death rate caused by vehicles. When was the last time the media and Democrats declared a vehicle a public health crisis and forbid people to drive a car to protect from injury or death?

The president encouraged America not to let COVID-19 dominate us and take over our lives. He encouraged us not to be afraid of it. Trump said he recognized the danger and took the risk anyway as the nation’s leader.

Media Pounces

However, try to convince the media that risk is normal and acceptable with COVID-19, and you’ll get a response full of hysteria and hyperbole. On Tuesday morning, Fox & Friends aired a few overreactions. On CNN, famed journalist Bob Woodward said Trump’s video tweet encouraging America was heartless and cruel. CNN’s medical guru Sanjay Gupta asked, “what do you mean, don’t be afraid of it?” Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Laurie Garrett told MSNBC Trump’s actions were “horrible and destructive.”

Examples of When the Media Didn’t Pounce in US History

During the 1918 flu pandemic, President Woodrow Wilson (D) stayed completely silent. It’s estimated that over 675,000 Americans died due to the pandemic. White House staffers got sick. Secret Service agents were sick. Even a presidential aide traveling with Wilson to Paris to negotiate the Treaty of Versailles died.

President Wilson also became sick. Newspapers reported he had a 103-degree fever, was coughing and showed gastrointestinal symptoms. Members of Congress and the media continued to play down the pandemic and reassure the country.

They certainly didn’t shut the nation down.

In 2009, the Swine Flu, also known as H1N1, never created hysteria in the media. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated 150,000 – 575,400 people died from it in the first year of the outbreak. Of those who died, 80% were less than 65 years old. It’s possible, based on the higher range of deaths, that H1N1 was much worse than COVID-19.

Where was the hysteria?

Could it be that the media was protecting President Barack Obama? Perhaps not. Maybe they were just doing what they’ve always done: try to avoid creating mass hysteria.

Why Is the Media Hysterical Today?

Is the media really naive to the realities and risks of life? It’s doubtful, which has been clear since the day Trump came down from the elevator in 2015. They thought he was a joke until he won. Since then, the coverage has been one-sided. One study said 95% of the reporting on the president is negative. Contrast that with Biden, where 67% of the coverage is positive.

The media can’t stomach the idea of four more years of Trump. When he’s optimistic, they turn it negative. When he’s hopeful, they make it about despair. Whatever he says, they say the opposite.

If Trump can reinforce his image that he is America’s leader, it will destroy the narrative the media has been trying to create for the last four years and put him on a path to re-election. They have too much invested in their attempts to demoralize and castigate him. Trump cannot be allowed to show himself as a true leader. It’s unacceptable to the media.

In the last month of the campaign, look for the media to do all it can to persuade voters that Trump is a fraud despite the truth in front of you. The media outrage will intensify as the onslaught grows to ensure Biden wins the election at all costs.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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