WHAT?! Female Senators Walk Out on Abortion Vote

WHAT?! Female Senators Walk Out on Abortion Vote

(RightWing.org) – The Utah Senate recently passed House Bill 364, which requires women to have an ultrasound before being eligible for an abortion. The measure passed with a 16-7 vote. But this was not your ordinary vote.

None of the female senators voted on the bill — they walked out in protest, instead.

The walkout was unplanned and bipartisan and only left men to vote on, and ultimately pass, HB 364. Deidre Henderson, a Republican state Senator, said she has always been pro-life and votes for pro-life bills. However, she felt that HB 364 enables the government to overstep its boundaries and impose unneeded medical procedures.

HB 364 requires that medical professionals share many details with those undergoing this procedure. They would have to provide live images of the fetus and describe them to the woman. Proponents of the bill believe that its purpose is to ensure that pregnant women are properly informed of their situation before committing to an abortion.

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