What Does the Biden Email Scandal Mean for the Election?

What Does the Biden Email Scandal Mean for the Election?

(RightWing.org) – In a normal election year, campaigns like to talk about single issues. In most presidential election years, the top topics include the economy, abortion, healthcare, climate change, or any other host of individual issues. While always present, these traditional issues may take a back seat this time around.

The 2020 election is unlike any in modern US history. When considering what has happened over the last four years, voters may see election issues in a different light compared to past contests. This year, voters may not be voting on traditional issues, but a culmination of ones that threaten the future of the country.

However, one issue may be the symbol of the challenges for all the rest.

Biden Email Scandal Rocks America, Kind of…

The Russian collusion hoax, deep state scandals, media harassment, constant allegations of racism, and xenophobia were ongoing attempts to discredit Donald Trump and separate him from his voters over the last four years.

However, the latest bombshell against Biden may be the driving force in helping decide who will lead America for the next four years. It could negate all of the craziness by the leftist and anti-Trumpers over the last four years.

Last week, the New York Post received alleged emails of Hunter Biden’s financial activities involving Ukraine, Russia, and China. If true, the emails show how the younger Biden and his father may have benefited while serving as the Vice President of the United States.

On Friday, October 16, Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer said he received access to a treasure trove of emails from Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner that corroborate the New York Post story. Schweizer explains how he got the emails on Fox News Sean Hannity Show on Friday:

Tech Giant Censorship

The explosive story is barely getting any traction with the media. Twitter is banning the story on its platform and Facebook is limiting its reach. That is becoming a big story as the social media tech giants move to censor free speech and journalism by the 5th largest newspaper in the United States. Last week, Twitter shut down posts about the story from the New York Post, White House press secretary, and the Trump campaign.

What Do Hunter Biden’s Emails Mean for the Election?

In January, President Trump was impeached for asking Ukraine’s president to look into possible corruption of Vice President Biden and his son Hunter. The newly-discovered emails get to the very heart of the matter regarding the impeachment. It proves the whole thing was a sham and that Democrats never intended to govern. They intended to get rid of Trump at all costs.

Despite the media and big tech’s attempts to censor the explosive story, it can’t be ignored for long. On Tuesday, October 20, the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote to subpoena the heads of Twitter and Facebook. Later in October, the Senate Commerce Committee is scheduled to hear from the two heads and Google’s CEO to discuss their legal immunity.

Is Corruption Now the Story of the Election?

Will voters buy that Joe Biden is corrupt and used his son to make millions of dollars while serving as the Vice President?

Will voters determine that the Democrats wrongly impeached Donald Trump for purely political purposes?

It’s entirely possible the impeachment topic may make its way back into the election. If it does, it won’t be the negative the Democrats were hoping for. Instead, it could be the president’s vindication. It’s the one thing Trump can prove… Democrats accused him of falsely doing the very thing Biden was doing, and the former VP could get away with it.

So, it’s hard to know at the moment how the Biden corruption story will impact the election. However, in the midst of the chaotic Trump presidency, it could open the door for the public to examine who was really behind chaos and why.

If that happens, the election might have just changed in Trump’s favor.

By Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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