What Didn’t Burn in Lahaina?

(RightWing.org) – Theories abound in the wake of disasters, natural and otherwise. The recent wildfires in Hawaii are no exception to that rule. Fact-checking organizations have already debunked one claiming space lasers caused the horrific tragedy. However, a recent claim regarding items that didn’t burn in Lahaina is worth mentioning and discussing. Here’s what we know so far.

On August 23, Geoff Cygnus posted a video of the devastation in Lahaina on his TikTok account. As of August 29, the clip received over seven million views. An X user (formerly Twitter) using the handle WallStreetApes reposted the footage, picking up an additional 1.4 million views.

Cygnus narrated the roughly seven-minute clip as he walked through the historic town that nearly 3,000 people called home until the deadly wildfires struck. Curiously, the video showed several objects appeared unscathed by the flames. However, here’s the kicker — all of them were blue. Everything else in the clip appeared ashen gray. Strange, huh?

The clip showed a sky-blue house that showed no visible signs of damage. Yet, it was surrounded by other structures and natural objects that were burned to the ground. Cygnus showed footage of a blue Honda sedan located on Front Street sitting alongside other cars that were burnt out and gutted, all their windows gone. Another portion of the video showed blue Tommy Bahama umbrellas next to a building that had been reduced to a smoldering pile of dust.

“Most of this [footage] is unreleased,” Cygnus stated. He speculated this could be why the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ordered a total media blackout on portions of Maui.

The videographer also claimed that some government agents showed up at his doorstep and pounded on his door. He speculated they came there to retaliate for his efforts to share his footage online. He said they eventually disappeared, but he could hear them talking from inside his home, adding that “these people were certainly not my friends.”

Thankfully, Cygnus said he uploaded several hours of additional footage to a 256 AES-encrypted hard drive. He related that a friend had it at an undisclosed location for safekeeping.

As a side note, independent journalist Anthony Cabassa posted a photo of what appears to be an August 19 letter from FEMA relaying a message from Maui County officials asking a reporter to refrain from posting any “new imagery” of damage and debris left in the wake of the wildfires “on social media [sites] and elsewhere” out of respect for the people who lost their lives.

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