What Advantages Do the GOP Have in the 2022 Midterms?

What Advantages Does the GOP Have in the 2022 Midterms?

(RightWing.org) – In 2021, Republicans were sidelined as the minority party in the House and Senate. They were virtually helpless to do anything to slow the Democratic far-left agenda. Still, it ended up being a challenging year for Democrats, and they managed to hurt their future prospects with virtually every voter class.

As President Joe Biden moved to the extreme left of his party, Democrats failed to unite under razor-thin margins in both chambers. While the Left’s two biggest legislative agendas flopped, many voters turned on the administration and Democrats over concerns they were fighting for the wrong things. In a new NBC poll released on Sunday, January 23, the midterm elections continue to look grimmer for Democrats as the GOP surges with voters. If the GOP wins, will they work to unite the country while also positioning a strong run at the presidency in 2024?

Voters Continued to Rebel Against Democrats

In 2021, President Biden initiated a war on energy that sparked the initial price jumps in gasoline. Combined with Democrats’ trillions of dollars in government spending, the government must decide the worst of two evils: inflation or recession. There may not be a good scenario. While Democrats tried to force through their socialist and climate change agenda last year, America endured skyrocketing prices and grew weary of politics surrounding the pandemic.

A new NBC News poll is casting a great picture on the future prospects of the GOP taking back both the House and the Senate in November. Voters used words and phrases like downhill, doubting democracy, divided, falling behind, and tuning out to describe how they feel about the country heading into February.

The poll says that 72% of Americans believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction. In addition, 61% say their family income is dropping as the cost of living grows to a 40-year high. When it comes to governing, 70% of voters believe the country is so polarized that Congress can no longer solve problems. Complicating matters, only 27% say the country can come together to solve great challenges due to the widening schisms in American politics.

When asked who voters prefer to run Congress, 47% said Democrats to 46% for Republicans. Yet, for Democrats to hold the House, they historically need to lead by 5 to 7 points on this question.

Enthusiasm is where elections are won and lost. It’s only 10 months ahead of the midterms, and Republicans enjoy a significant advantage in the enthusiasm gap – 61% to 47% for Democrats. While GOP voters are fired up, the Democratic base is reeling among black, young, and urban voters.

Can the GOP Unite the Country?

What the poll exposes is the widening rift between those who vote for Democrats or Republicans. While the GOP is mainly conservative, Democrats appear to be abandoning any sense of centrism as the party shifted to the far-left in 2021. This is leaving behind core groups within the Democratic base.

Over the last two decades, America has been on a seesaw as the two parties flipped the presidency and the Congress. Whenever Democrats lose, they further embrace the far-left and blame Moderates for losing power.

Divisive heated rhetoric is taking its toll on government institutions and voters. Last week, President Biden doubled down — without evidence — that Republican states are rigging the 2022 elections against Democrats. He has failed to unite America as promised.

Over the coming years, the challenge for Republicans is steep. On the one hand, they may try to reinforce common-sense laws and hold the Biden administration accountable for far-left policies on the economy, energy, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and immigration. At the same time, the Left will label Conservatives as racists, bigots, and sexists. It’s become par for the course.

Republicans are learning not to take the bait. Yet, while avoiding the Democrats’ traps, they must also put on a strong civics campaign that teaches the proper function of government, separation of powers, and tackle the accusations of systemic racism head-on.

If the GOP successfully exposes Democrats for their decades-long effort of taking advantage of minority groups and creating opportunity and hope for everyone through sound conservative policies, then there’s a chance to reveal the Left and disempower them. In some circles of the Democratic base, it’s already happening. Hispanic voters are starting to realize they don’t identify with left-wing worldviews and are moving toward the GOP. Will black Americans follow?

Stay tuned.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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