WH Press Secretary: If You Don’t Agree With the Majority, “That Is an Extreme Way of Thinking”

WH Press Secretary: If You Don't Agree With the Majority,

White House Says If You Disagree With The Majority…

(RightWing.org) – Academics and researchers like J.M. Berger define extremism as the belief by a group or individual that their success or survival depends on hostile action against others with differing opinions. Yet, President Joe Biden’s administration seems hellbent on characterizing tens of millions of Americans as extremists for merely harboring different views than their own, as exemplified by a recent White House press conference.

On September 1, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got grilled by a reporter regarding the Supreme Court’s recent decision to return the matter of abortion to the states. First, she responded that most Americans disagreed with the high court’s ruling. Then, she proclaimed that people who disagree with the “majority of Americans” are exhibiting an “extreme way of thinking.”

Among the many problems with Jean-Pierre’s statement is the fact the numbers don’t support her premise. A recent Ipsos/USA Today poll found that only 54% of registered voters say they would support a statewide ballot measure mandating legal abortion where they live.

It’s also important to note that Jean-Pierre’s presser was sandwiched between Biden’s recent declaration that “MAGA philosophy” is akin to “semi-fascism” at a Democratic donors meeting and his divisive speech where he accused “MAGA Republicans” of representing an “extremism” that threatens America’s “very foundations.”

Neither the president nor his press secretary has given the American people any reason to believe MAGA supporters harbor ill-will toward people with differing opinions. Indeed, it appears it’s the Biden administration that seems intolerant of others’ beliefs, and don’t forget that 74.2 million fans of former President Donald Trump turned out to vote for him in the 2020 presidential election. 74 million extremists?

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