Weekend News Summary — June 24th, 2019

Bernie — “Cancel All Student Debt”

Antique socialist Bernie Sanders revealed over the weekend that he’s going to propose canceling all student debt in the US — a staggering $1.6 trillion. This looks like an attempt to upstage Elizabeth Warren, who announced proposals in April that would hand out up to $50,000 of relief on student debt. Sanders is going further and promising to wipe the slate clean.

Student debt has become a policy target for the Democrats, probably in an effort to buy younger voters. The problem is, all this money is owed to someone and announcing that the debt is canceled won’t make it go away. Sanders plans to fund his debt relief with a tax on stock and bond transactions that would cause massive damage to the US economy. When will the Dems learn the money for these programs has to come from somewhere??



Warren Plans to Buy Gay Votes

Sanders might be outdoing Warren on student debt, but the Massachusetts senator has some other plans to buy votes. She tweeted Saturday that the government “owes” gay and lesbian couples over $50 million because until the legalization of gay marriage they couldn’t file a joint tax return.

Now, she says, these couples should be able to file taxes retroactively where their state allowed gay marriage before federal law did. NBC News estimates that the resulting payouts would cost US taxpayers $57 million. On top of that, Warren clearly hasn’t thought through the implications of saying it’s OK to claim back tax that you wouldn’t have paid if the law had been different when you paid it — because where will that end?

Trump Spares Iran Missile Attacks, Hits With Cyber War Instead

President Trump decided not to launch military action against Iran over the weekend, saying that the estimated 150 Iranian deaths the attacks would have caused were too high a price. Instead, the US military’s newest command was unleashed on the rogue state, punishing the Revolutionary Guards Corps for their role in this month’s tanker attacks and weakening Iran’s own cyber warfare capabilities.

Iran has been carrying out cyber attacks on the US energy industry for a while, but the pace of attacks has increased in the last few weeks. No details of US Cyber Command’s retaliation have been released beyond the target — the IRGC and its missile control systems — but it’s the first operation carried out under new rules that let the president authorize cyber attacks more quickly.

Schiff Brushes Off AOC “Concentration Camp” Claims

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) refused to condemn Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s insulting comparison of detention facilities for illegal immigrants with Nazi concentration camps, calling the issue a distraction. According to Schiff, “that is certainly not the terminology I would use,” but he agreed with the idea behind AOC’s rants — that conditions in the detention centers are not consistent with American values.

Vice President Pence pointed out on Sunday that President Trump and House Republicans had tried to improve conditions in the detention centers as far back as January but the Democrats blocked the funding needed to provide extra beds and other facilities. AOC is complaining about a situation she and her leftist colleagues created — is anyone surprised?