Weekend News Summary — June 17th, 2019

Weekend News Summary 6/17

Israel Names Settlement For President Trump

Following President Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights — which were captured from Syria after that country attacked Israel in 1967 — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recognized the president’s courageous move by giving his name to a settlement in the territory. The new settlement of Bruchim has been renamed Ramat Trump — Trump Heights. Netanyahu said, “We are proud to have the opportunity to establish a new community, and also to honor a big friend.” President Trump answered on Twitter.

DOJ Warns of Abuse Risk in Demand for Trump’s Records

The Democrat-controlled House Ways and Means Committee has been waging a three-year battle to force President Trump to release his tax returns — which no law anywhere in the US says he has to do. Many presidents have done this voluntarily, but it’s strictly optional and Trump has chosen not to. Now the committee chairman, Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), has demanded that the president turn over the tax records for himself and eight of his companies dating back six years. A 33-page opinion just released by the DOJ says this demand carries “a serious risk of abuse” — and slams Neal for playing political games with personal financial information. When will House Dems drop their vendetta against Trump and start doing the job they’re paid to do?

AOC Has Sense of Humor Failure at Trump Tweets

Loudmouth congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) accidentally got into a Twitter sparring match with President Trump over the weekend, and it didn’t turn out the way she expected. AOC told ABC’s This Week show that if Trump isn’t impeached, the Dems will lose the 2020 election. Maybe she realized that comments like this show the Left’s contempt for democracy — but, anyway, she probably wasn’t expecting Trump himself to tweet and endorse her comment, probably the first time she’s said anything he agrees with. AOC immediately whined that impeachment is “what we must do.” Only if you don’t want to let the American people choose their own president!

Dems Scrape Barrel In Trump Witch Hunt

Any normal political party would give up on ideologically-motivated investigations after the Mueller report cleared President Trump of collusion with Russia. Not the Democrats. With their impeachment hopes blown out the water yet again, they’re desperately going after anyone they can find who’s linked to the president in the hope of finding some dirt they can use. Former campaign managers Corey Lewandowski and Paul Manafort are now being targeted by the House Judiciary Committee, as is ex-NJ governor Chris Christie. It looks like the Dems won’t give up until they’ve dragged everyone in the US in front of Congress to ask them if they ever heard anything bad about the president.