Weekend News Summary – July 8th, 2019

Former ICE Chief Slams Democrat Immigration Plans

Democratic presidential candidates, chasing the “woke” leftist vote, are coming out with some radical ideas on border security — basically, not having any. The new default for the Dems is decriminalizing illegal entry into the country. They say that protects human rights; the people who need to protect our nation say it’s just going to make the crisis worse.

Thomas Homan, a former acting director of ICE, told journalists Saturday that left-wing ideas like decriminalization, disbanding ICE or offering free medical care for illegals will just create more incentives to jump the US border. According to Homan,

I didn’t hear one word about how they’re going to fix the system. It’s all about ‘What more can we do for those here illegally. What more can we do for those who violate our laws…’ They are definitely on the wrong side of the issue and I think it’s going to hurt them.

Joe Biden is the only Dem candidate who says he’ll maintain the laws that make illegal entry a crime. Others, including Julian Castro and Cory Booker — who says he’ll use an executive order to ram decriminalization through — don’t even pretend to care about our security.

Cops Catch Girl Who Filmed Herself Contaminating Food

Police in Lufkin, Texas, said on Friday they caught a 17-year-old girl who opened a container of ice cream in a store, licked it then put it back in the cooler — while her boyfriend filmed the whole incident. The video of the crime was posted on social media and quickly went viral, fueling pubic disgust and calls for action. Cops initially said the perpetrator could face up to 20 years in jail for felony tampering with a consumer product. Now it’s emerged that she’s a minor, she’s likely to face a lighter punishment. However, her boyfriend is an adult and could also face charges for his part in the offense.

Biden Faces Off With AOC and Buttigieg Over Moving left

Former VP Joe Biden alienated even more of his own party Friday, telling CNN that a Democrat victory in 2020 will only happen if the party puts forward a mainstream candidate (meaning himself).

Biden damned radical congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) with faint praise, calling her “a brilliant, bright woman” — then going on to point out that she won a primary, which is a long way from a general election.

Meanwhile, presidential wannabe Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) claimed that the riskiest thing the Democrats could do is “play it safe” by not moving far enough left. Buttigieg, along with most of the other runners in the Dem race, seems to think the American people are crying out for socialism.

Biden says the Democrats are a center-left party. They certainly used to be, but as the primary debates in Miami last week showed, they’re not anymore. The party has headed leftward at a rapid rate, leaving Joe Biden behind — and pretty much on his own.

AOC in Cat Fight With Pelosi

Meanwhile, AOC is having her own troubles with fellow Dems. Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told the New York Times that the hard-left faction in Congress was “four people, and that’s how many votes they got.” Pelosi was referring to the socialist quartet of AOC, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). She went on to say, “We have to have a solution, not just a Twitter fight.”

AOC, the loudest of the four by far, sent an incoherent reply about “wielding power” and achieving “meaningful change”. On Twitter.

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