Weekend News Summary – July 22nd, 2019

Booker Tries To Stir Up Racial Tension Against Trump

Democrat presidential candidate Cory Booker attacked President Trump Sunday, claiming the president is “worse than a racist.” Booker seems to be annoyed that Trump has criticized some of his Left-wingnut colleagues and is trying to portray his words as racially motivated. The White House pushed back, with adviser Stephen Miller pointing out that “racist!” is the first card left-wing Democrats play when they want to silence an opponent.

Trump: “The Squad” Isn’t Capable of Loving America

The president delivered a crushing put-down to his most extreme congressional opponents in a series of tweets on Sunday. Trump singled out the so-called “Squad” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib for their awkward, deliberately obstructive and anti-American rhetoric, saying that they’re weak, insecure and unpatriotic. “I don’t believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country,” he said. Omar and Tlaib have a track record of antisemitism, while AOC is a notoriously extreme socialist. The likes of Cory Booker might not like the president’s comments, but most people will find them hard to disagree with.

Twitter Suspends User for Criticizing Dem Candidate

A Twitter user has had her account suspended after criticizing Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA). Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2014, had posted several tweets critical of illegal immigration. Twitter responded by blocking her account and claiming she’d violated their “hate speech” policy simply for supporting the rule of law. Mendoza was told her account would only be unlocked when she deletes the tweets — which she’s refusing to do. An example of her “hate speech” — “Kamala Harris what law can I break and have you defend me so staunchly?” Doesn’t sound “hateful” to us.

GOP Senator Says “Language Police” Have “Lost Their Minds”

A US senator has launched a stinging attack on the politically correct “liberal language police” after facing a social media assault over an innocuous word. Talking through Twitter on Sunday, Josh Hawley (R-MO) claimed that politically conscious leftists have “lost their minds” after they attacked him for mentioning the “cosmopolitan elite” in a speech. Several prominent liberals, including New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, claimed this was a thinly veiled antisemitic insult. In fact, Hawley has been an outspoken critic of antisemitism and, as he pointed out, the word cosmopolitan isn’t antisemitic. Israeli author Yoram Hazony, supporting Hawley, tweeted the following:

Too bad these people don’t have real problems to worry about like public policy and helping to make America great — oh wait, they do!

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