Weekend News Summary — July 1st, 2019

Trump Meets North Korean Dictator

President Trump became the first sitting US president to enter North Korea on Sunday when he crossed into the heavily fortified “Demilitarized Zone” to meet the rogue state’s communist strongman Kim Jong-Un.

Trump, who had been in Japan for the G20 summit, invited the reclusive dictator to meet. The main negotiations took place in South Korea, but stepping into the DMZ to meet Kim was a powerful symbol of how Trump’s strong line on North Korea is slowly bringing the Stalinist dictatorship into line.

Biden In Trouble For Gay Waiter Comment

Democrat presidential wannabe Joe Biden has found himself in hot water with his own party again, following a misjudged comment at a fundraiser Saturday night. Biden, trying to play to the Dems’ hardline gay rights wing, made a statement that if someone “made fun of a gay waiter” 5 years ago people would just have let it go. Now, he says, that person would not be invited back. Somehow that offended some of the attendees, and Biden faced a barrage of criticism over the weekend.

As David Urban said on CNN Sunday morning, the runners for the Democrat nomination seem to be trying to “out-left” each other right now, and they’re leaving the American people behind. Biden is probably the only candidate with a real chance against President Trump, and his own party seems determined to force him out.

Castro Challenged Over Border Proposals

Joe Biden wasn’t the only Dem presidential candidate to land in hot water over the weekend. Julian Castro turned up on ABC’s This Week to discuss his new ideas about our borders and illegal immigration, and they didn’t go down too well.

Castro wants to decriminalize crossing the US border illegally and stop deporting illegals unless they commit more crimes once they’re in the US. He also wants to give them access to government-funded health care, which would prioritize them over actual American citizens. George Stephanopoulos pointed out that this basically means open borders, a charge Castro unconvincingly denied.

AOC Attacks Ivanka Trump

Firebrand congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) launched an unprovoked attack on Ivanka Trump Sunday after the president’s daughter was pictured talking to foreign leaders at the G20 summit. The leftist motormouth tweeted, “It may be shocking to some, but being someone’s daughter actually isn’t a career qualification.”

Many Twitter users responded, pointing out that Ivanka’s resume includes years in senior executive roles, including being executive vice president of a multinational corporation. That was compared to AOC’s own pre-congressional career — pouring beers in a New York bar.

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