Weekend News Summary for June 10, 2019

Mexico Strikes Immigration Deal To Avoid Tariffs

President Trump announced on Friday that a new tariff schedule against Mexico, which was due to start Monday, has been suspended indefinitely. Mexico has agreed to take strong action against the so-called “migrant caravans” from Central America, which have seen thousands of illegal immigrants cross Mexico and assault the US border. According to the president, this will “greatly reduce, or eliminate” illegal entries across the US/Mexico border.

Pelosi’s Call to Jail Trump Is Splitting the Left

The increasing extremism of the Democratic Party is showing up deepening fractures on the American left. Many liberals are backing away from congressional Dems and their obsession with bringing down President Trump. Last Thursday, two MSNBC anchors with long-held liberal views condemned Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) claim that she wants the president jailed. Ari Melber asked “Is this the Democrats’ version of ‘lock her up’?” and pointed out that there had been a legal process — the Mueller report — which resulted in no indictments.

Chris Matthews called Pelosi’s comments something from “some fourth-world country, doesn’t even have democracy” and “the stuff we used to see in Pakistan.” Even renowned left-wing academic Alan Dershowitz said “I have to tell you, as a liberal Democrat, I’m appalled at Nancy Pelosi… you can’t just target a president and say we want to see him in prison without producing evidence.”

US Diplomats Fly Gay Flag, Disobey Instructions

Last month the State Department told US embassies that, in contrast to the Obama years, they weren’t allowed to fly the rainbow flag from their flag poles during June — the “Pride month.” They can still display the flag — just not on their flagpoles, which should be reserved for the national flag. At least five embassies have decided to ignore this instruction, though, with rainbow flags on poles in Santiago, Seoul, Chennai, New Delhi and Vienna. It seems some liberals still think the law only applies to their political opponents.

More Questions About FBI Role In Trump Probes

The fallout from the Trump/Russia investigation continues to get worse, as former Trump aide Carter Page revealed that his contacts with an FBI informer “intensified” in the month before the FBI obtained a dubious surveillance warrant against him. It’s already known that Bureau officials relied on the dossier bought from ex-MI6 mercenary Christopher Steele by the Clinton campaign to get the warrant against Page; now it seems they might have used information from their own spy, Stefan Halper, as well.

What’s interesting is that Halper is known to have links with MI6 from his time as a professor at Cambridge. Did those links involve the renegade Steele?