Weekend News Summary — August 12th, 2019

(New Information) Jeffrey Epstein Was NOT on Suicide Watch

Controversial financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his New York City prison cell Saturday morning, an apparent victim of suicide. Epstein, a major donor to the Democrats and an associate of the Clintons, was arrested on July 6th on sex trafficking charges. He was denied bail and held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. On July 23, he was found unconscious in his cell with neck injuries and was put on suicide watch.

However, six days later he was taken off suicide watch, which is contrary to first reports. The prison told the Justice Department that he would have a cellmate and be checked by a guard every half hour. For some reason, on Friday night he was alone in his cell and the checks don’t seem to have been carried out. Understaffing, as reported from sources at the jail, may have contributed to the lax conditions. Considering how many powerful people were connected to him, there’s going to be some suspicion that his death was no suicide.

Immigration Chief Blasts Back at CNN

The acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection spoke to CNN on Sunday — and pushed back hard at the network’s criticism of recent ICE operations. Mark Morgan was asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper why ICE raids in Mississippi weren’t focused on violent criminals, as he claimed Morgan had said they would. Morgan simply pointed out that he’d never said that. Tapper tried to push his point, but Morgan told him that violent criminals were simply a priority of the raids — anyone who’s in the country illegally is a target for ICE enforcement. Morgan also criticized how the media always focuses on children when they discuss ICE — “I know it’s emotional. I know it’s done on purpose to show a picture like that.”

“Pull Your Weight Or We Pull Troops Out,” US Tells Germany

Tension in the NATO alliance continues to rise after the US ambassador to Germany delivered a powerful condemnation of the country’s weak defense spending Friday. Ambassador Richard Grenfell warned that the US could pull some of its 35,000 troops out of the country if Germany keeps on refusing to carry its weight. All NATO members are supposed to spend at least 2% of GDP on defense, but only a handful do — and only three of these: the US, UK and Poland, have fully capable militaries.

President Trump has been urging Germany, NATO’s second-largest economy, to pay its fair share since he was elected. Germany, under Chancellor Merkel and unpopular defense minister Ursula von der Leyen, is spending just 1.3% of GDP on its crumbling armed forces. Even now, the country has only committed to spending 1.5% by 2024 — far too little, and years too late. Ambassador Grenfell has now put Berlin on notice that if they don’t want to protect its citizens, they can’t rely on the US to do it for them.

Scalise Hammers Dems Over Trump Attacks

House minority whip Steve Scalise has blasted Dems who say President Trump inspired the El Paso shooting on August 8. Many leftists are claiming that the president’s statements inspired the massacre — despite their only “evidence” being a now-debunked claim that Trump had deleted a series of inflammatory tweets (which are still on Twitter, and not inflammatory). Scalise pointed out that the president has fiercely condemned the shooting, the perpetrator and the racist ideology that led to the attack. He said,

I know they’re running for president and they might not like Donald Trump’s view, but stop this ridiculous assessment of blame to somebody other than the person who is responsible.

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