Weekend News Roundup – August 19, 2019

Congresswoman Calls Antifa “Peaceful” — As They Riot

CNN viewers got to see a classic political dumpster fire Saturday, as a politician defended radical far-left group Antifa as “peaceful protesters” — hours after they fought running battles with conservative demonstrators in Portland. Congresswoman Deb Haaland (D-NM) claimed the Antifa mob running riot in Portland were “peaceful protesters working to safeguard their city from domestic terrorism.” The reality is that Antifa are close to being designated as domestic terrorists themselves following a string of past assaults on journalists and members of the public.

Pro-Dem FEC Chief Wants NRA Investigation After Anonymous Claims

The chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission is demanding a probe into whether the National Rifle Association has received funding from Russia in exchange for supporting President Trump’s 2016 election campaign. Ellen Weintraub, a Democratic Party supporter, complained that Republican colleagues didn’t want to waste more time and taxpayers’ money on another investigation into the discredited Russia collusion scandal. She says their refusal to indulge her is “an abandonment of the Commission’s basic duty to investigate wrongdoing.” What she didn’t say is that the only evidence of Russia funding the NRA is a January article from the McClatchy media company alleging that the FBI is investigating possible collusion – months before the ignominious collapse of the Mueller inquiry.

Ex-ICE Boss Homan Calls Google Staff “Morons”

Former ICE director Tom Homan delivered a crushing rebuke to Google employees late Friday. Homan was asked on The Ingraham Angle about a petition signed by approximately 600 Google workers that demands their company “publicly commit not to support CBP, ICE or ORR [Office of Refugee Resettlement] with any infrastructure, funding or engineering resources, directly or indirectly, until they stop engaging in human rights abuses.” He retaliated by saying any employee who wanted to see their company lose out on millions of dollars worth of federal contracts should be fired, adding, “They’re supposed to be techie smart, this younger generation, but these people are morons.”

Granny Tlaib Complains About Trump

The grandmother of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is blaming Israel and the Trump administration for the outspoken politician’s decision not to visit her in the Israeli-controlled West Bank. Tlaib was denied a visa to visit Israel last week, following her use of anti-semitic imagery on social media and involvement with groups that support terrorism. However, they did give her a humanitarian visa to visit her aging grandmother in the West Bank — on the condition that she didn’t use the trip for political posturing, a condition she willing agreed to when she made the humanitarian request.

It seems playing politics means more to Tlaib than seeing her relatives because now she’s refused to make the trip unless the conditions are removed. True to form, grandmother Muftia Tlaib is blaming it all on President Trump, saying “May God ruin him.”

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