WATCH: Biden Gets LOST On Stage – The Video Is Scary

Biden Gets Lost on Stage --- Again

Biden Gets Lost on Stage — Again

( – President Joe Biden turns 80 roughly two weeks after the upcoming midterm elections, making him the first octogenarian to occupy the Oval Office. However, leading media outlets have reported that Democrats are downplaying his age amid mounting concerns regarding his health and abilities. Adding to those concerns, the president appeared to get lost on stage again during a recent appearance in Pennsylvania.

On October 20, Biden delivered a speech in Pittsburgh, detailing his administration’s ongoing efforts to rebuild America’s failing infrastructure. A viral clip of the speech’s conclusion shows the president appearing confused about which side of the stage to exit. First, he looked to his right and spoke briefly to someone. He then appeared to move in that direction before abruptly spinning counterclockwise and leaving the stage.

This situation wasn’t the first time Biden appeared confused after giving a speech this autumn. Another viral clip shows Biden looking confused about where to go after giving an address at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, on September 12.

Once again, Biden looked to his right before doing an about-face and started moving in the opposite direction. However, after only taking one step, he paused, turned around, returned to the podium, and called for Caroline Kennedy and her son Jack to join him on the stage.

With mid-term elections drawing near, we are reminded that Joe Biden is the President of the United States, and he was elected to be there until 2024.

That said, anyone who runs for a political office depends on the opinion of the voters as expressed at the ballot box. Voting is your chance to express your beliefs, and now with the November 8th elections drawing near, it is important to turn out at the polls and make your voice heard.

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