Warren Stands Firm on Fake Firing Claim

Warren Stands Firm on Fake Firing Claim

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who’s currently neck and neck with Joe Biden for the Democrat presidential nomination, is making a big deal out of the fact she got sacked for being pregnant back in 1971. It’s a powerful story about sex discrimination in the workplace — or at least it would be if it was true. And it isn’t.


Since she entered the 2020 presidential race, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been chasing left-wing votes. She’s doing that by claiming what the hard-left seems to value most these days — victimhood.

  • Warren claims that, after working as a special needs teacher for a year in the early 1970s, she was fired from her job because she was visibly pregnant. She’s repeated this claim several times since her campaign launched, and is using it to gain credibility as a spokeswoman for victims of discrimination.
  • At a campaign rally in May, Warren said she would probably still be teaching today if she hadn’t been pushed out of her job by the principal.
  • However, she’s mentioned her year as a special needs teacher before — all the way back in 2007 — except back then she wasn’t claiming to have been fired. In fact, she told an audience at Berkeley that she taught for a year on an emergency certificate because she wasn’t actually qualified. After that, she said:

I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work out for me.’

  • There’s an obvious contradiction here. Warren admitted in 2007 that she wasn’t even qualified to teach, and dropped out of her education courses because she decided it wasn’t for her. Now, over a decade later and on the campaign trail, she’s making a fashionable claim about having been discriminated against because of her gender.
  • In case there were any doubts left about the truth of this claim, Warren’s employment record from New Jersey’s Riverdale Board of Education has now been released. It shows that she wasn’t fired after her first year. Instead, in April 1971 the board extended her contract for a second year — but Warren then resigned her post that June. Her record says the board accepted her resignation “with regret,” suggesting they didn’t want her to leave.
  • This isn’t the first time Warren has made claims that turned out to be less than true. When she applied for her legal license in 1986 she listed her ethnicity as Native American. Her “heritage” also helped her gain employment as a “person of color” at Harvard. President Trump challenged her to prove it with a DNA test in 2018; the test results showed that Warren has at most 1/64 Native American ancestry — a single great-great-great-great-great grandparent. Her family is NOT recognized by the Cherokee nation.

If she’ll lie about her ancestry and her reasons for leaving a job just to get elected, imagine the lies she’d tell from the White House! Good thing she’s not going to make it there.

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