Warren Says “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

Warren Says

Elizabeth Warren is way out on the left of the Democratic Party, competing for extremist votes with socialist relic Bernie Sanders. She’s doing that by looking for government-run, coercive solutions to every problem she can think of, and now she has education in her sights. Warren wants to take away school choice from parents, and she’s saying that doing this will guarantee children a good education at strong public schools. The thing is, if public schools are so great, why didn’t she send her own child to one?


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has big new plans for the US education system, and they’re all built around reducing the choices available to parents and increasing the power of the federal government.

  • The keystone of Warren’s school plans is to stop what she calls “diverting public dollars from traditional schools” — and what everyone else calls “school choice.”
  • Warren says school choice “leaves children vulnerable to exploitative companies,” and claims the solution to this is to make charter schools illegal.
  • The thing is, charter schools are some of the most popular public schools in the US. What Warren is glossing over is that most of them are public schools — they’re just not run by the teaching unions and local education bureaucracies. That means they tend to use their budgets a lot more efficiently.
  • There are also private sector charter schools that make a profit, and that’s where Warren has inserted her pry bar.
  • Now, Warren wants to outright ban for-profit charter schools and eliminate government incentives for non-profit ones. Her argument is that this will make more “public” (i.e. taxpayers’) money available for “traditional” public schools — the ones that are failing so many American children.
  • Where it gets really annoying is Warren’s open hypocrisy. She wants to take away popular education choices for everyone else, but did she send her own children to the “traditional public schools” she says she loves so much?
  • It turns out that no, she didn’t — at least for her second child, Alexander. Warren decided to send her son to a highly-rated private school near Austin. Kirby Hall is a K-12 school with fees that run from $14,995 to $17,875 per year.
  • Warren wants to take away school choice for the average parent, but she wants choice when it comes to her own children. As usual, rich Liberals want the rest of us to settle for services that aren’t good enough for themselves.

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