Warren Puts Wall Street on Edge

Warren Puts Wall Street on Edge

DNC candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) released a particularly unsettling campaign ad on Twitter this summer. The lengthy video goes into detail about her warped view of what she perceives as “Wall Street looting.” Essentially, Warren feels that big businesses simply extract wealth from smaller ones before tossing them aside.

This is, of course, nonsense, and Warren knows it. She’s merely playing on the fears some people have of “big business” to sway voters to her camp where she provides solace against “corporate greed.” In reality, Warren wants to dismantle many of our current financial institutions and replace them with a sort of quasi-socialist infrastructure.

Warren’s messaging is powerful as demonstrated by her rise in the polls, which is worrying many Wall Street executives.

“Everyone is Nervous… What scares the hell out of me is the way she would fundamentally change our free-enterprise system.”

-Steven Rattner, manager of Michael R. Bloomberg’s wealth

“I am a fan of Elizabeth Warren, but electing her may be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for.’ I don’t think she realizes how fragile our economy and financial system are, and she will be driving a bulldozer through them.”

-Jamie Lester, former hedge-fund analyst

In spite of expert opinions on our country’s financial institutions, Warren continues to favor her destructive approach to “fixing America.”

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