Warren Desperately Changes Tactics as Poll Numbers Fade

Warren Desperately Changes Tactics As Poll Numbers Fade

Among the still-crowded field of Democrats who want to be president, Elizabeth Warren has always looked like one of the few who had a realistic chance of winning the nomination. That might be changing though as polls show her popularity fading drastically. Warren seems to realize her campaign is in trouble because over the last few days she’s been changing tactics in an apparent effort to get some momentum back.


Following a week that saw her fall to fourth place in the polls, and with the vital Iowa and New Hampshire Democrat primaries looming, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is scrambling for new tactics to revitalize her flagging campaign.

  • For much of the Democrat race so far, Warren has been competing with Bernie Sanders for first place. However, as the first primaries start to draw close she’s seen a significant fall in her support base, while Vermont’s antique socialist has held on to his spot and a couple of other contenders have broken free of the herd.
  • Iowa has become the major battleground for the Dem wannabes now, and success in that state would be a huge boost for whoever wins. Based on current polling numbers, that’s not going to be Warren. Right now, she hasn’t just fallen behind Sanders; she’s also been overtaken by Joe Biden and, to many people’s surprise, Pete Buttigieg.
  • It looks like Warren’s mistake was to try competing with Sanders for the far-left vote. Unfortunately for her, Sanders has that pretty much sewn up — but chasing his support base has hurt her badly with moderate voters. Her support for Medicare for All seems to have been particularly unpopular, and she’s been battered heavily by other candidates.
  • A week and a half ago, Warren told a Marion, Iowa crowd that she was planning to do something different. That turned out to be cutting down the length of her stump speeches so she could take more questions, and generally engaging more with the public.
  • Warren has also back-pedaled on Medicare for All. She’s dialed back on her promises and seems to be leaning towards the watered-down versions being proposed by moderates like Biden and Buttigieg. She’s claiming not to have changed her position, but it’s pretty clear she has.
  • The question now is whether Warren can repair the damage her lurch to the left has done. There isn’t much ground left where she can compete with Sanders for actual socialists, but while she was trying, Biden and Buttigieg have soaked up a lot of support in the center. With her support half where it was a month ago Warren’s change of tack might be too little, too late.

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