WARNING: Millions of Android Devices at Risk

(RightWing.org) – At one time, people could purchase a phone with the confidence of knowing they could use the device as long as it could turn on and operate. Unfortunately, all that changed with the rise of Big Tech companies. Nowadays, they decide when to declare a useful device obsolete, forcing users to purchase a newer version. Such is the case with Google’s recent decision to render more than a million smartphones obsolete. Here’s what you need to know.

On July 24, the Android Developers Blog announced that Google would quit supporting the KitKat (KK) version of its operating system in future releases of Google Play services beginning in August. Although the Big Tech giant released version 4.4 of the popular smartphone system in 2013, the announcement noted that nearly one percent of mobile phones still use KK or as many as 1.4 million devices.

Individuals still using the old version will eventually face challenges using outdated devices. For instance, their phones will no longer receive security updates — rendering them vulnerable to hacks and other forms of digital intrusion. Some phone manufacturers already stopped updating particular models so that development won’t impact all users of dated smartphones.

Additionally, outdated Android phones can’t access users’ Google accounts. Unfortunately, that’s required to open roughly half of the apps preinstalled on a smartphone. Likewise, they won’t be able to use other Google services like Google Maps, Gmail, Google Pay, Google One, and the Play Store.

Notably, this is the first discontinued Android version that impacts Google’s popular Android Watches. As a result, some individuals might find themselves facing the proposition of having to purchase a new smartphone and watch in August.

Affected users opting to continue using their smartphones should consider uploading an antivirus app capable of protecting their devices from viruses, malware, and spyware before the end of the month. Likewise, they should make sure their app versions are current.

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