WaPo Columnist Speaks Out on Biden’s Age

(RightWing.org) – Concerns about President Joe Biden’s advanced age are nothing new. However, it’s gotten to the point where it’s becoming increasingly challenging to determine where his numerous gaffes and false statements end and aging issues begin. In a stunning but equally refreshing departure from its usual practice, the notoriously liberal Washington Post (WaPo) published an op-ed piece by a long-time columnist speaking out about Biden’s mounting years.

On September 12, David Ignatius, a Harvard and Cambridge-educated foreign affairs columnist and author, published an opinion piece explaining why Biden shouldn’t seek a second term. He offered the expected accolades about the president’s accomplishments before getting down to the substance of his analysis.

Ignatius explained that Biden had “two big liabilities” sabotaging his chances for a successful reelection bid in 2024. First, 77% of voters surveyed in a recent Associated Press-NORC poll confirmed they thought that Biden was too old to effectively lead the country for an additional four years. Ignatius pointed out the president would be 82 when he started a second term.

Twisting the knife a bit more, the WaPo columnist noted that 69% of Democratic voters agreed that Biden’s age was concerning. He also pointed out that the country’s negative view regarding the president’s advanced age wasn’t limited to conservative media outlets like Fox News. Nope! Ignatius wrote that it has been the “subject of dinner table conversations” nationwide this summer.

Unsurprisingly, the second liability relates to Vice President Kamala Harris. Ignatius wrote that with voters concerned about the possibility Biden might not last a full four years, their attention has understandably turned to his running mate.

Harris is polling with a paltry approval rating of only 39.5%, according to FiveThirtyEight. Ignatius added his own concern, writing that the vice president “failed to gain traction” with the public — including Democrats.

The opinion piece noted that replacing Harris at this point would likely drive black women voters away from the polls, destroying Biden’s chances for an electoral victory next year. Ignatius also warned that the clock was ticking. If Biden doesn’t step aside soon, the opportunity for Democrats to regroup themselves around a new candidate will pass, handing the White House to Republicans.

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