Wall Funding Finally Being Released

Since taking office, President Trump has been fighting to carry out one of his flagship campaign pledges — to secure our border from illegal immigrants by building a wall. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress have spent the last two years fighting what amounts to a guerrilla war to stop him from doing it. Trump’s political opponents have done everything they can to stop him funding the project, even if that means making conditions worse for the immigrants they claim to care about so much. Now it looks like they’re running out of road.


In February, the administration declared a state of emergency at the US-Mexican border. That move allowed funds to be diverted from defense spending to border security. Between that and what was already allocated by Congress, the estimated cost of the wall would be covered.

  • Democrats who had worked to deny funding for the wall were outraged at the president’s move. Since February, they’ve repeatedly tried to use the courts to block the emergency funding.
  • A combination of Dems and rebel Republicans were able to pass a resolution condemning the emergency declaration, in an attempt to lock up the funds. However, Trump was able to use his veto power — the first time in his presidency — to get around that.
  • Now, it looks like opponents of the wall might have run out of options. Last Monday, the administration started calling districts along the route of the wall to tell them funds will be released this week.
  • The administration plans to divert $3.6 billion from military construction projects to the border barrier. Around half will come from the budgets for projects in the US, while the rest will use funds for overseas bases.
  • Many Democrats have suddenly become interested in defense spending for the first time, and are complaining that military funds are being “misused.”
  • Some Republicans have joined the criticism, with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calling it “a slap in the face to the members of the Armed Forces who serve our country.”
  • It’s also been necessary for the Department of Homeland Security to repurpose funds and send money to the border. While Democrats protest loudly about the conditions in border detention centers, the ugly truth is that they’re mostly responsible for those conditions. Since President Trump took office, the Democrats have systematically blocked any border spending they can — even funds earmarked to provide food and beds for detainees.

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