Voters Will Soon Realize the Mistake They Made

Voters Will Soon Realize the Mistake They Made

( – The lens of history often provides insight into the future. If the past has anything to say about where America is headed, voters will soon realize the mistake made in electing Joe Biden as President of the United States. We know this because 1976 looked eerily similar to 2020 in many ways.

When Jimmy Carter ran against incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford in 1976, that election was won and lost on a single issue. It wasn’t an endorsement of a party platform, or even of a candidate. It was a vote against something instead of for someone.

Watergate Set the Tone for the Mistake of 1976

In 1974, Watergate became the most corrosive event in modern US history. The scandal led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Hours after assuming the presidency, former Vice President Gerald Ford pardoned the disgraced Nixon. The event led to a crushing defeat of the Republican Party just two years later.

Jimmy Carter wasn’t the most astute of candidates. If it weren’t for the negative public reaction to Watergate, there likely would not have been a President Carter. That’s the power of a major single issue; they can change the outcome of an election without forgiveness.

COVID-19 Pandemic the Defining Issue of 2020

Just a year ago, conventional wisdom said President Donald Trump was cruising to re-election. The economy was the best in decades. Unemployment was at historic lows. Wages were on the rise, and there were more jobs available than people to fill them.

Just a few months later, the economy was wrecked by shutdowns to protect Americans from a new virus. COVID-19 ultimately killed millions of people across the globe. There’s little doubt that it was the single most impactful issue that determined the outcome of the 2020 election.

The pandemic changed the way some states allowed people to vote. In a matter of months, several states allowed for mail-in voting for the first time. With such a short time to prepare, election officials were unprepared for the onslaught of new voters. By the time of the general election in November, concerns arose about voter fraud and cheating.

Despite the Trump Administration’s many successes in the first three years, many Americans voted against the pandemic, not for Biden.

America May Realize It’s Mistake

There are few reasons Biden is likely to fail. The first is that there isn’t much he can do to control the pandemic. Even New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) recently signaled defeat and announced he must start opening up the economy or there won’t be one for long. The Biden Administration could be confronted with the same reality.

Far-left issues are also likely to play a factor. If Democrats successfully “pack the court,” give Washington, DC statehood, pass the Green New Deal, and generally assume a far-left mandate where there isn’t one — Biden’s in trouble.

Most of America doesn’t realize how liberal the new Congress is or how Democratic policies will hurt them. That is, until they experience it.

Soon enough, most Americans will realize the mistake made in Biden.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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