Vladimir Putin Rushed to Surgery, Report Says

Vladimir Putin Rushed to Surgery, Report Says

Vladimir Putin RUSHED To Surgery – Shocking Report!

(RightWing.org) – Is Russia’s strongman president seriously ill? New reports say Vladimir Putin had surgery last week and is using deception techniques to hide his health problems from the world. With multiple sources now questioning his health, it’s quickly becoming an important question for world leaders.

On May 17, a British newspaper reported Putin had surgery to remove fluid from his abdomen. The information originally came from a channel on the social media platform Telegram, which claims to be linked to the SVR, Russia’s secretive and powerful Foreign Intelligence Service. According to the channel, named “GeneralSVR,” Putin had the surgery on the night of May 12-13.

The operation apparently went smoothly, but according to GeneralSVR, Putin missed a scheduled video meeting with government officials. Reportedly, aides played a pre-recorded video to disguise his absence. The channel also says Putin plans to use body doubles and “deep fake” video manipulation to hide future absences.

GeneralSVR has made several claims about Putin’s health, saying he is suffering from cancer, Parkinson’s disease and schizoaffective disorder. The Russian president’s physical appearance is sparking growing speculation there’s something seriously wrong with him, and multiple rumors are spreading.

One Russian oligarch claims the president is suffering from blood cancer, while multiple sources say he’s seen cancer specialists dozens of times in the last few years. Meanwhile, the Kremlin continues to deny any suggestion that Putin is unwell.

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