Vladimir Putin Reacts to Boris Johnson’s Resignation

Vladimir Putin Reacts to Boris Johnson's Resignation

Vladimir Putin REACTS After Resignation Announcement

(RightWing.org) – Boris Johnson resigned as head of the Conservative Party on July 7, surprising absolutely no one who has been paying attention to his scandal-plagued administration. He will step down from his position as British Prime Minister once the party selects a replacement. Russian President Vladimir Putin took the opportunity to mock Johnson, perhaps for the last time while serving as PM.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke with reporters shortly after media reports announced Johnson’s pending resignation. He said hopefully, one day, “more professional people” capable of making “decisions through dialogue will [rise] to power” in the United Kingdom. Continuing, Peskov said that Johnson doesn’t like Russia and “we do not like him either.”

Johnson and Putin had a less-than-friendly relationship as world leaders, often taking swipes at each other. For example, Johnson recently mocked the Russian leader for releasing bare-chested photographs. Putin shot back that he thought seeing Johnson “undressed…would be a disgusting sight in any case.” He also implied Johnson should stop drinking and other “bad habits.”

Putin does speak from experience when it comes to assessing the success of British leaders. He’s controlled Russia since 1998 and has seen the rise and fall of Johnson and three other prime ministers, including Theresa May (2016 to 2019), David Cameron (2010 to 2016), and Gordon Brown (2007 to 2010).

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