Vladimir Putin Practices for Nuclear War (REPORT)

Vladimir Putin Practices for Nuclear War in Russia (REPORT)

(RightWing.org) – The Russian military carried out a major nuclear warfighting exercise on Wednesday, December 9, reminding the West that Russia still has a full range of strategic attack options. The firepower demonstration is a timely indicator we can’t afford to let our defenses down.

The exercise involved all three elements of Russia’s “nuclear triad” – air-launched weapons and ballistic missiles launched from sea and land. Several long-range cruise missiles were launched by Tu-160 BLACKJACK bombers from southern Russia and Tu-95 BEAR-H bombers from the Russian Far East.

Simultaneously, a DELTA-IV class missile submarine launched an SS-N-23A SKIFF ballistic missile from the Barents Sea, and an SS-27 Mod 2 SICKLE-B ICBM was fired from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome missile test center. All the weapons impacted in two missile test ranges in eastern Russia.

Only three nations – China, Russia and the US – deploy all three elements of the nuclear triad. China lags behind; its missile submarines are noisy and carry shorter-ranged weapons. Its entire bomber force consists of copies of an obsolete 1950s Soviet design, and most of its ICBMs carry a single, large megaton-range warhead.

The technological delay suggests China is nowhere near as accurate as they claim to be. That leaves Russia as the only nation that can match the US strategic nuclear force, and Putin isn’t letting us forget it.

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