Vitamin D May Help Fight Off COVID-19

Vitamin D May Help Americans Fight Off COVID-19

( – COVID-19 has had a terrible impact on everyone in the US, but it’s been even worse for African-Americans and Latinos, also known as People of Color (POC). Statistics show that these groups catch the disease at around three times the rate Whites do – and, once infected, POC are twice as likely to die of it. There could be some good news, though; a simple vitamin supplement could protect against infection.

A study by the University of Chicago’s medical school has found that African-Americans who have over 40 nanograms of Vitamin D per milliliter of blood are much less likely to test positive for coronavirus than those with 30-40ng. That’s a surprise because 30ng is usually deemed to be a healthy level of the vitamin.

African-Americans are more vulnerable to Vitamin D deficiency because melanin in the skin blocks sunlight, which the human body uses to synthesize the vitamin. White skin is an evolutionary adaptation to living in more northern regions with less sunlight. Is this making people of color more vulnerable to COVID, too? It’s possible, but if the Chicago data holds up, there’s hope a simple vitamin supplement could offer protection for African-Americans and other POC.

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