[UPDATE]Virginia Cop Suspended for Detaining Illegal Reinstated

Virginia Cop Suspended for Detaining Illegal

[UPDATE 10/8]

The police officer involved has been reinstated to full active duty after a positive recommendation from the department’s internal affairs division.

We have one of the best police forces in the U.S. and I have confidence that our officer will represent us well throughout his career. Our internal administrative investigation continues as prescribed by policy.

-Chief Edwin C. Roessler Jr.

You can read the full announcement here.

We are pleased that common sense won out in this case.

Controversial “sanctuary” laws imposed by left-wing politicians continue to cause chaos across the US. Last week, a Virginia police department announced that they’d suspended one of their officers — for doing his job and detaining a criminal until he could be handed over to ICE. When we end up with police officers being disciplined for upholding the law, something has gone very wrong with our country.


Fairfax County, Virginia brought in a so-called “sanctuary” law in May of last year. County Sheriff Stacey Kincaid announced that her department would no longer cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement or honor ICE detainer requests unless they were accompanied by a court-issued criminal detainer.

  • Fairfax is a Dem-leaning county, and Sheriff Kincaid is an elected official, so it’s probably no surprise she supports “sanctuary” policies. Her decision to stop cooperating with ICE was backed by the county Board of Supervisors and the local Democratic Party.
  • However, local Republicans warned that “Sheriff Kincaid is sending a message that she would rather protect criminal illegal aliens than Fairfax residents.” It turns out that’s exactly what Kincaid had in mind.
  • A county police officer was responding to a traffic accident on September 21st when he discovered that the driver didn’t have a license. He ran the driver’s details through the DMV computer and found that he was in the country illegally, had failed to attend a deportation hearing and ICE had issued a warrant for him.
  • After verifying the warrant, the officer called ICE, who attended the scene and detained the driver. He was fitted with an ankle monitor and released.
  • Unfortunately, the officer’s initiative and diligence violated the county’s sanctuary policy. Under these rules, officers aren’t allowed to check anyone’s immigration status unless they’re booked into the county jail — and they can’t detain anyone solely for an immigration violation.
  • Now the officer has been suspended from duty while the department investigates, and he will have to do “remedial” training on county policy.
  • According to Police Chief Edwin C. Roessler, this was an “unfortunate incident” and the officer was “confused.” He went on, “This is the first time we’ve had a lapse in judgment, and the officer is being punished.”
  • It’s hard to think of a case that could show up the madness of “sanctuary” laws any more clearly. A police officer found that someone was driving illegally, had been in an accident — suggesting they weren’t a safe driver — and was wanted by another law enforcement agency. For dealing with this obvious threat to public safety, he’s now being punished. Nothing about this makes sense.

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