Violent Extremists Target Trump Official

Violent Extremists Target Trump Official

( – There are many forms of harassment, especially when it comes to the tools available on the internet. One such trend that took off a few years ago is called “swatting.” This is where a person calls the police to falsely report that someone is an imminent threat, forcing officers to respond to the situation, often by breaking into the residence.

Swatting is already a form of harassment, but many consider it to be a form of terrorism. The action is intended to send a message that the victim isn’t safe engaging in their day-to-day activities.

The Justice Department has just made charges against a handful of individuals accused of swatting their victims. One of the victims — a member of President Donald Trump’s administration.

However, there’s something unique about the alleged perpetrators of these incidents of swatting. They are all associated with the Atomwaff en Division, a far-right extremist hate group. Members of this group have also gone to great lengths in the past to get their message across.

Thanks to the hard work of the Justice Department, the individuals responsible for this abusive behavior are being brought to justice.

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