Vince McMahon Accused of Trafficking

( – Professional wrestling promoter and longtime WWE head Vince McMahon has faced numerous accusations involving inappropriate behavior with employees. In mid-2022, he stepped down as CEO and chairman and announced his retirement a few weeks later amid allegations he made hush money payments to co-workers to cover up romantic affairs he reportedly had with them. Then, in January 2023, he returned to the WWE as its executive chairman following an internal investigation into his conduct. Now, he’s facing a new accusation involving trafficking.

On Thursday, January 25, attorneys for former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a civil complaint in the US District Court for the District of Connecticut against McMahon, the WWE, and another company executive.

Grant’s 67-page lawsuit claims she was the victim of trafficking, sexual assault, and emotional and physical abuse during her tenure of employment and the months leading up to getting hired. Grant lived in the same building as McMahon and had been looking for gainful employment in the wake of her parent’s death.

The building’s residential manager contacted McMahon on her behalf, and they met to discuss a future position for her, working in the WWE’s headquarters. The complaint claims that McMahon started dangling “career-making and life-changing promises” in front of her, demonstrating an “increasing lack of boundaries.”

Grant’s lawyers also allege that McMahon inappropriately touched her, demanded hugs, and “greeted her in his underwear” during several meetings, “ostensibly about [obtaining] a potential job.”

The lawsuit alleges that McMahon pushed Grant into having a physical relationship with him in exchange for a promise of employment. Feeling “trapped in an impossible situation,” the lawsuit claims she eventually submitted to his demands.

McMahon hired Grant as an entry-level administrator/coordinator and reportedly started trafficking her to other men working for the WWE. In 2022, Grant signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at McMahon’s insistence. He agreed to pay her $3 million not to discuss their relationship or disparage him.

Grant’s lawyers are asking the court to grant her declaratory judgment, voiding the NDA and allowing her to pursue her claims against the defendants. They also seek unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, costs, and any other relief the court deems fair and equitable.

On Friday, media outlets reported that McMahon stepped down as the head of TKO Group, the WWE’s parent company.

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