[Video] More Exposure of CNN Bias

More Exposure of CNN Bias

Earlier in the week, we reported on the Project Veritas undercover documentation of rampant bias among CNN employees and executives. Some employees signed on with the news outlet for markedly different vision than the one Jeff Zucker, CNN’s President, enacts. Part one of this groundbreaking story was released Monday, and now parts two and three are available.

Here’s part two.

Here are some key highlights to keep an eye out for in parts two and three:

  • Promotion of Joe Biden at any cost
  • Working against DNC presidential candidate underdogs
  • Trump supporters aren’t welcome at CNN
  • “We used to cover news”
  • Jeff Zucker’s relentless focus on impeachment

Be sure to check out part three as well as other informative Project Veritas videos on their YouTube channel.

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