Victim’s Mom Praises Trump

Victim’s Mom Praises Trump

( – On June 16, President Donald Trump met with several families who lost their loved ones to police violence and other crimes. One of the guests at the White House was Wanda Cooper-Jones, mother of Ahmaud Arbery — who was gunned down in Georgia after three men chased him.

After her meeting with the president, Cooper-Jones praised President Trump. She said he made sure to listen and address “each and every family.” Arbery’s mother went on to say the president “was very compassionate.”

Trump responded to Cooper-Jones’ compliments on Twitter:

Cooper-Jones did say she didn’t believe the president’s police reform executive order (EO) would help people in the position her son was in. However, that’s not because the EO was bad, it’s that her son wasn’t killed by officers.

Our hearts go out to Mrs. Cooper-Jones at the tragic loss of her son.

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