USDA Lacking Oversight of Rural Housing

USDA Lacking Oversight of Rural Housing

When Liberals call for government agencies to solve problems, they may point to entities like welfare programs, FEMA or the USDA. Unbeknownst to some Americans, the USDA does more than oversee agriculture research. It has a program to help house individuals in rural areas.

However, in the midst of reports recently brought to light, trusting a government agency for anything will inevitably lead to sub-par results. Rural housing programs under the USDA seem to fall outside of the government entity’s capabilities.

Reports show that affordable rural homes under the watch of the USDA have been grossly neglected. These homes are dilapidated, damaged by mold, and filled with rodents and cockroaches. These homes were paid for by US taxpayers.

USDA defendants claim that a lack of government funding is to blame for homes under their purview falling into disrepair. As is the case with many bloated government agencies, asking for more money to throw at the problem is rarely the best solution. This is simply more proof that turning to the government to solve our problems often ends in disaster.

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