US Withholds Aid from Afghanistan: Cites Corruption

US Withholds Aid from Afghanistan: Cites Corruption

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who is currently up for re-election, is facing a serious hiccup with his plans. America has withdrawn a total of $160 million in funding from the Middle East country due to corruption in its government. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently broke the news publicly.

$100 million of this allocated funding was earmarked for an energy project that the US claims will still finish — five power substations will be constructed as planned. However, the money won’t be funneled through the Afghan government.

The remaining $60 million being withheld was for several projects in Afghanistan. Pompeo doesn’t believe that Ghani is responsible, transparent, or accountable enough to properly utilize US funding. America has already spent $800 billion on the country over the course of 18 years, so Pompeo believes it’s time for the Afghan government to stand on its own.

Mike Pompeo stated that he wants to see Afghanistan’s elections on September 28 conducted fairly. The next president will earn a five-year term to lead the country.

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