US Troops ON THE GROUND In Ukraine – Details Revealed!

US Troops on the Ground in Ukraine

US Troops on the Ground in Ukraine

( – Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley told lawmakers in early February that he expected Kyiv to fall within 72 hours if Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Western allies said it could fall within hours. Now, more than eight months later, the war rages on, and the United States continues providing expensive weapons, ammunition, and other military hardware to Ukrainian forces. The Defense Department (DOD) recently revealed that it has boots on the ground in the country.

On October 31, two DOD officials held a press briefing at an undisclosed location. In a chillingly bizarre move, they told reporters to refer to them as a “senior military official” and a “senior defense official.” Likewise, their names were redacted from the official DOD transcript.

The anonymous officials discussed concerns about keeping tabs on the recent $274-million drawdown of arms and equipment to Ukraine, the latest installment of the $18.5 billion in arms and aid President Joe Biden’s administration has pledged to Ukraine way since the war began.

In another stunning maneuver, the senior Defense official told reporters that “US personnel” have “resumed on-site inspections” of weapons arsenals within Ukrainian borders “wherever the security conditions allow.” The anonymous speaker also advised the “DOD is conducting hands-on training” with Ukrainian troops.

What do you think about the Pentagon putting boots on the ground in Ukraine? Do you think America could get pulled into another European war?

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