US Troops May Soon Have Another Physical Requirement

US Troops May Soon Have Another Physical Requirement

US Troops May Get A New Requirement For Combat

( – Lawmakers are pushing back against moves by woke generals to water down the US Army’s physical standards. Two GOP senators have told the Army to create a new fitness test for troops who will actually see combat. If they manage to get the law changed, front-line troops will have to meet a higher standard than those in the rear.

In 2016, women were given the right to join the US military in a direct combat role, like infantry. Since then, the Army has been struggling to manage its fitness requirements. The problem for the service is that it’s trying to balance two competing demands. On one hand, it doesn’t want most of the women who apply for those roles to face rejection because they’re not strong enough; on the other, it doesn’t want troops to die because some of them can’t physically do their jobs.

Achieving this balance hasn’t been easy. In 2019, the Army scrapped its old test, which set standards based on gender and age, and replaced them with a gender-neutral one. A 2020 congressional review found that, as predicted, women were failing it in huge numbers. In response, on April 1 this year, the Army switched back to a test that sets gender- and age-based standards.

Now, two Republican legislators have had enough. Senators Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Tom Cotton (R-AR), who both sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee, have put out a proposal to introduce a new, gender-free test for anyone in a direct combat role. On June 15, the Committee, including several Democrat members, voted to add the new test requirement to the annual defense authorization bill.

If it passes, hopefully it will restore sense to Army physical standards. Ammo, water, and batteries don’t weigh less because a woman is carrying them, so all our warfighters need to be up to the job.

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