US Troops Injured After Attack By Russians (REPORT)

US Troops Injured After Attack By Russians (REPORT)

( – Tensions are on the rise as the war in Syria rages on and the US continues to hunt down members of ISIS in the country. The American military is encountering more hostility as Russian, Turkish, Syrian, and Kurdish fighters all operate in the country. On August 25, one of the confrontations ended in injuries to our service members.

The White House National Security Council confirmed four American troops were injured this week when Russian forces rammed them with a vehicle. According to reports, a US convoy was conducting a patrol when it was pursued by Russians.

John Ullyot, a spokesman for the security council, confirmed the report, calling Russia’s actions “unprofessional.”

The Russians are blaming US troops for the accident. Videos of the encounter are spreading on Twitter.

Thankfully, the troops who were injured are all expected to recover, but this escalation of violence is concerning. This is the first time a disagreement between the two forces has led to injuries. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, has spoken to his Russian counterpart, but no details about the call have been released to the public.

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