US Senate to Vote on Dangerous Biden Nominee — Eventually

US Senate to Vote on Dangerous Biden Nominee — Eventually

( – Joe Biden promised to “take urgent action” to reverse former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies while on the campaign trail. He issued five presidential actions on his first day in office, doing just that — and chaos quickly ensued. Not yet satisfied, he nominated Ur Mendoza Jaddou to serve as the Director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in mid-April.

Among other things, Jaddou has a known history of bias against the Trump administration’s immigration policies. She is also well-known for her pro-migration position and support for amnesty programs.

If the Senate confirms Jaddou’s nomination, she will be able to fast-track citizenship and access to American voting booths for massive numbers of legal and illegal migrants.

Democrats attempted to push Jaddou’s nomination through the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 26 by bundling her confirmation hearing with that of another, less controversial Biden nominee. However, it appears that their effort failed. The committee was expected to vote on her nomination that day, but it didn’t happen.

Conspicuously, the Senate Judiciary Committee doesn’t appear to have scheduled any future hearings on Jaddou’s nomination — at least, not so far. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

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