US Troops Begin Lengthy Withdrawal

US Military Troops Begin Lengthy Withdrawal

( – The US military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has finally begun – months behind schedule. President Biden has issued the long-delayed orders to get our troops out of the 20-year campaign against the Taliban insurgency, but it will be fall before the last units are home.

On April 25, General Austin S. Miller, commander of NATO’s Resolute Support Mission, told a Kabul press conference, “I now have a set of orders… we will conduct an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.” These orders comply with Biden’s April 14 statement that all US troops will be out of Afghanistan by September 11 – but that’s months after they were supposed to be home.

A peace deal negotiated by President Trump in February 2020 committed the US to withdraw by May 1 this year, but House Democrats blocked the move, and the Biden administration has delayed it even more. The question now is whether the Taliban will still respect the peace deal when American troops are still there on May 2 or if they’ll launch new attacks on our soldiers.

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